They actually upgraded the heating and AC equipment in the family home

There is no doubt that Glenn was going to go wherever his wife wanted to go when it came to retirement. There is no way he has a corner office and his own temperature control inside that office without his wifey. Not only did she support him all those years. But she did all the heavy lifting when it came to taking care of the children. They replaced the Heating and A/C component in the family home not too long ago and sold it. It was too much home and with the kids gone, it felt so cavernous and empty. Selling the lake house provided a huge payday that they have since stashed away. But they’re making a dent in that bag of money as they are for sure moving to his wifey’s home region. She’s a southern girl and has missed living in her home area. It’s silly that with the weird stops in his career, there never was a stop in the south much less way down south where she’s from. So Glenn is gleeful to be moving with her to this region. Not only is it so beautiful there, but the weather is perfect during the winter. Finally, he’ll be able to unload the gas heating system for heating in the winter. They’ll have a heat pump in their new location. But even then, his wife said they won’t ever use it because they’re now so accustomed to such bitter cold, snow and ice from living so far north. Glenn is eager to leave the Winter. But he is going to get a trial by fire as he is moving in July. And that’s about the toughest of the Summer temperatures for sure. So they’ll see just what his new heat pump is made of then.

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