Cleaning is being done on the attic air ducts

Today’s workday is moving at a snail’s pace while I try to write with blurry vision.

On my way back from the beach this morning, my eyes were a little blurry, but not so much that I couldn’t see this really pretty woman walking by.

It’s amazing how the beauty of a woman can both draw you in and shake your mind. I’m still trying to get the image of her out of my head so I can get back to work, but it’s burned into my mind and will stay there for a while. I have to cool my mind down so I can get back to work, and there’s nothing like writing Heating and A/C stories for hours to get the image of the pretty woman out of my head. I can’t daydream about her and try to write these stories well at the same time, so I’ll just erase her from my mind so I can get back to work like the nice worker bee I am. Who knows, maybe she’ll come into the Heating plus A/C corporation one afternoon looking for a HEPA filter or something, but she’s way out of my league, so I don’t have to worry about anything that comes out of that meeting. Also, if she dated me, I’d be a wreck all the time worrying that she’d leave me for someone better. I’ll just keep working at the local company and life will go on, even if I never see that pretty ghost again. Anyway, I am going to get something to eat, and we will meet again in another story.

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