Doing a cooling install this week

I am almost done and I will finish this article and then go to my room for an hour of rest. That is what my grandpa called it when he took an hour nap during the day and then went to bed at 7pm so he could get a great night’s sleep. I will tell you that guy liked to sleep, but he had a great life in the end with his lake condo, lots of parties, and fun. He lived on the lake and fished almost every day, which gave his family more than enough fried fish dinners. My grandfather worked in the cooling industry when he was younger. He retired at 54 years old as an experienced Heating and Air Conditioning rep and lived the retired life for 35 years before dying at the age of 89. He had six teenagers and a lot of their friends who would visit him on a regular basis. This made me wonder if I was living the right life by not having teenagers. However, my cooling expert neighbor said that some people are made for teenagers, but the ones who aren’t usually aren’t happy about giving up their freedom. I play drums and sing in a band, and I don’t think I would have the time or energy to do that if I was working all the time and raising a bunch of teenagers. Anyway, I am going to the heating corporation store this week to see if they have any smart thermostats because mine is pretty much broken and needs to be replaced.
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