My great aunt’s air vents were full of cat hair

My great aunt’s air vents were full of cat hair and it was messing up the indoor air quality in her house.

She never really cleans her house all that much because she is getting a whole lot older and more frail than she used to be.

I know that it’s my job to help her out because she has done a whole lot for me throughout my life. She’s always been there for me and she basically raised me when I was younger. Now that she is getting older, I do everything for her that I possibly can most of the time. I feel like it is both an honor and my responsibility, too! I love helping her most of the time but I have been telling her for a while now that she really needs to get rid of some of these cats that she has. She has about a dozen of them and it seems to me like the number just keeps on growing more and more. There is no reason for her to have so many cats, honestly. I know that the indoor air quality in the house is sub par and it’s not good for her to be breathing in there all the time. My aunt is super stubborn about certain things, though, and all of her cats are one of those things! I told her that I would clean out all of the air vents for her but I don’t have any of the professional equipment that you really need in order to do that. I finally decided to call the local HVAC company and make an appointment to get the ductwork professionally cleaned out for her. Luckily for me, they are having a sale on ventilation system cleaning right now!
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