Propane boiler is broken

Things you miss while growing up and realizing how much you miss them when they are gone.

My father would often use the phrase “totally rinsed” to describe how something is shot or finished. As an example, if he was exhausted after an afternoon of water skiing, he would say, “Ahh, I’m totally rinsed,” or if someone was acting foolishly, they were “totally rinsed.” You never hear that, and I have no idea where the idiom originated, despite the fact that I believe I will never know because my father passed away two years ago and the secret is sealed for eternity. However, if you’re so inclined, you can use the idiom as well. Heating and A/C system cleaning is my task for the afternoon, and I am certain that by the time I get home from working on the heating device all afternoon I will be completely drenched as well. I miss my father, and I am still unable to accept that he will never return, but death is permanent, and I will have to accept it one afternoon. He spent the majority of his life working in the heating industry, performing a large number of boiler inspections over the years and establishing a thriving business in the process. I am now a musician and I am happy. I chose this path in life because making music and performing for others brings me a great deal of satisfaction. Who knows where it will lead me, although I am certain it will be more rewarding than the afternoons I spent cleaning ductwork for the cooling corp before switching to music.


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