The air conditioning system tore up when we were staying at the beach

When we were staying at the beach last week, the air conditioning system tore up. Unfortunately for us, it was the time of the year when it could be warm or hot and you just didn’t know until the day unfolded. The weather started heating up while we were there, and on the second day of our trip, we wanted to use the air conditioning system. I went to turn the thermostat down on our side of the house, but when I turned it to the cooling setting, nothing happened. The only thing that I heard was a clicking sound, and no cold air ever started coming out the air vents upstairs. So, I went to the other part of the house and turned on the air conditioning on that side. The zone control heating and cooling was put in the house because it is an absolutely huge beach house. I guess there was no way to run the entire house with just one heating and cooling system. Anyway, it didn’t make any difference when I tried to turn the A/C on on the other side, because the air conditioning was not working on that side of the house either. By the time I realized that the A/C system in the house didn’t work, the weather outside was already super hot. I think the temperature was in the high 80s at that point and I was desperate. I left a message for the owners of the house to get back to me as soon as possible, and in the meantime I called up one of the local HVAC companies.

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