The space heater is running

Sickness go away please! I am tired of the recent struggles I have been having.

Having the flu, I am slowly waking up and beginning my workday.

I really do not have the energy to do much else, so it is somewhat convenient that I have the entire afternoon to focus on this task. I can take breaks when my eyes become tired and perform the labor slowly, and it will be completed by evening. I have a flexible schedule and can work whenever I want, so I can simply continue to work and the task will be completed on its own. Indoor air quality is my primary concern with this flu because I do not want the germs to spread into my roommate’s and make her sick. Therefore, I am constantly running my whole-house air purification system and hoping that the HEPA filter in it will detach any harmful particles from the air so they don’t reach her room. It is the worst when you’re sick and then you pass it on to your partner or roommate, so minimizing my exposure to germs is my top priority as I attempt to recover from this cold. My cooling and heating corporation’s owner is scheduled to visit me in three days, and I hope to be better by then so that we can spend a few days together. Let us see how robust my immune system is, as well as whether it can heal me in time to see a really nice friend. Now, I will clean my HEPA filter again.


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