Time for my natural temperature controlled ride

Now I only repair and service heating and air conditioning systems

I’ve had the flu for a few days now, and as I type this, I can see less clearly than usual. I think this virus is to blame, and I hope the blurriness will go away once the virus is gone. Even though I have astigmatism in that eye, my right eye hurts much more than my left eye. This might be because I have the flu. I hope that is true and that my eyesight hasn’t gotten much worse in the last few days. If it has, I’ll have to go to the local company to get my eyes checked. I also need to see a dentist because I’m having trouble with my teeth. My friend who works as a heating tech told me that I need to start taking better care of myself and slowing down a bit so that I don’t wear out my body. I’ve been hard on my body, and I’m surprised it’s still working after 56 years, especially after all the skydiving landing accidents I had when I was swooping for a living. The owner of the local business was also a swooper and died in a swooping accident. If you don’t know what swooping is, look it up on YouTube, and you’ll see why my body has a lot of miles on it. My good friend and I used to swoop not only on the water but also on land, which is why it hurt when we landed badly. Now I only repair and service heating and air conditioning systems. I no longer swoop.


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