I didn’t know how to change an air filter.

My partner had left a list of chores he wanted to accomplish over the weekend, sitting on the kitchen table.

  • He told me he was going to try to complete all those chores, despite the fact that I was sure he meant he wanted me to do what he couldn’t, but last month, he started cleaning the garage.

He had three piles of stuff in the yard. He wanted me to go through everything, plus see if there was anything I wanted, plus then the rest could go in the trash bin. He also asked me to clean out the refrigerator in the garage, plus while I was out there, he would cherish it if I went out there plus ran the shop vac for him, plus then washed the windows! So much for him cleaning the garage. The interesting thing is that while in the garage, I found two cases of air filters. One was for the boiler plus the other was for the a/c unit. I noticed there was a notation on his list that he had to change the air filter. I looked at the box to see if there were any instruction on how to change the air filters, despite the fact that I found nothing. Since my partner had changed the air filters on his list of chores, I didn’t do it. When he got home, he asked if I had changed the air filter in the a/c unit. I looked at him plus said no, then asked why? He said it was on his weekend chore list, plus he thought I may have done it. I didn’t know how to change the air filter, so why would I even consider doing it? He smiled plus told me he would show me how.