I wanted age protection for the AC unit.

They were advertising age protection for your skin, on the TV, and they said it adds moisture to the skin without being greasy; Your skin stayed smooth as well as supple without all the greasiness as well as feeling of heaviness most lotions left behind… I enjoyed the idea of having smoother as well as younger looking skin.

I was sixty as well as I could see how sallow my skin was.

It was drying out, as well as getting the look of alligator skin. I heard the grinding sound coming from my a/c unit. I wanted age protection for my AC unit. It was only ten years old, however it was sounding as well as acting like it was much older. If they had age protection for the AC unit, it would last a lot longer than fifteen years. I called the Heating as well as Air Conditioning supplier as well as asked for an Heating as well as Air Conditioning serviceman… When she got to the house, I asked if they had age protection? She provided me an odd look, even though she said little. I told him how they can protect the skin against aging. I wanted to know if my associate and I could protect the AC unit against aging, but she told me that is what regular cleaning as well as service was for, changing the air filter officially was the first defense against the a/c or furnace from aging too hastily. She then told me about a service as well as repair plan they provided, but once she started telling me how much it cost, I rejected it but I continued thinking about it as well as realized I paid that much every time they came to the house.

a/c worker