I wanted insurance for my HVAC system.

When I bought the new HVAC system, I bought a maintenance in addition to maintenance plan to go with it.

  • After two years, I had to purchase a new maintenance in addition to maintenance plan, even though I also wanted insurance for my HVAC system; My associate and I no longer had a warranty, in addition to I knew how high-priced HVAC repairs could be.

All the maintenance plan did was get me maintenance on my boiler in addition to a/c unit, every year… If there minor repairs, they would be done for free. If anything broke after that, I had to pay for the parts, even though I got free maintenance, as long as I waited my turn in addition to didn’t ask for emergency repairs. I wanted to have an insurance policy that covers all contingencies not covered by my maintenance plan. After calling my insurance supplier, I felt like I was looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack. They had health in addition to life insurance for pets, then you could insure your home in addition to car, however there was nothing for an HVAC system. I wanted to add the HVAC system to my condo insurance, however that only covered it if it was detrimentd by fire, storm, or other natural disaster. I asked if my HVAC system would be covered if a tree dropped on it. I thought if something happened to the HVAC system where it couldn’t be repaired, I could constantly split a tree down in addition to have it drop on the home or the a/c. My insurance supplier knew I would not do something like that if I was asking, however there still wasn’t anything they could do.



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