Put your pets away before HVAC tech arrives.

Whenever I call the HVAC supplier, the first thing they tell me is to put your pet away before the HVAC tech arrives.

You would know they would get sleepy of saying this, however it wasn’t so.

I didn’t have pets when I first moved into the house. I didn’t enjoy the reasons why you had to put your pets away. When my hubby left, I bought a dog for supplier in addition to for security, and phoebe was part pitbull, although she was afraid of her own shadow. I never thought of her as a dangerous pet, however most people know pitbulls were the devil’s spawn. My father told me pets were the product of their owner, in addition to she could never see Phoebe being mean. When I called the HVAC supplier for maintenance on my a/c unit, I again got the warning about putting my pets away. I thanked her, in addition to didn’t know about Phoebe; She was sauntering the home when the HVAC worker arrived. She took one look at Phoebe in addition to blanched. She told me I had to put her away if I wanted the a/c unit repaired. I told him Phoebe would remain inside, in addition to she didn’t need to come in the house. I would come outside in addition to talk to him when the a/c unit was tested. She looked at Phoebe in addition to told me if she saw her at the door she was leaving. I couldn’t guess anyone would be so cowed by a puppy, however the HVAC worker was acting like she was a wild pet.



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