I attempted A/C install

In the past, when I would have something I would struggle with, I learned that the internet often has the answer.

There have been quite a few times where I would get an item in the mail, and it would come in pieces that you have to assemble.

The instructions would be terrible, and so it would make putting it together nearly impossible. Thankfully, the internet would come through for me and I would be able to put it together anyways, no help from the instruction manual. So when I wanted to install a new air conditioner and heating unit, I couldn’t help but to wonder if it could be the same thing. I started watching videos online, and so far, it didn’t look so bad. As I watched more, it became more and more complicated, but I was still pretty confident that I could handle the task. Still I was determined to at least try to perform the cooling installation, even if it didn’t go well. But the more and more I tried, the more and more confusing it became, because the model that was shown in the video was actually a different kind of model than mine, and so it was a little bit different. I ended up spending two hours trying to figure that darn thing out, to no avail. I finally gave up when it was getting close to three hours, and I decided that it would be best to let a professional heating and A/C tech handle this, because I was tired of it.

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