I told the HVAC tech the dog was loose.

My dog had gotten out of the house, and I knew I had to have him tethered or in the house before the HVAC technician arrived.The dog had been roaming since early morning, and I couldn’t find him.

The first clue I had about his whereabouts was when I got a call from two streets over.

My dog was trying to get into the house, because her dog was in heat. I drove over and almost got bit trying to get Georgie off that porch. Georgie wanted no part of being in the house, but I knew that was where he was safest. When the HVAC technician arrived, I told the HVAC Georgie was trying to get loose. He chuckled when I told him the reason, and said he had the same problem with his dog. He would stay in the backyard, and hope he didn’t come near. All I could think was that Georgie had snuck out when the HVAC technician went out. Five minutes later, I heard the HVAC technician screaming. Georgie had bit into the HVAC techs leg, and he wouldn’t let loose. I took a bucket of water out, and threw it on Georgie. He left loose, but I could see the blood coming off the tech’s leg. His pants were ripped, and I knew it was a serious bite. I called an ambulance and then I called the HVAC company. My darling Georgie had to be put away until they did some tests and knew he wasn’t a vicious dog. I’m lucky he wasn’t put down.

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