I wanted insurance for my HVAC system.

When I bought the new HVAC system, I bought a maintenance and repair plan to go with it. After two years, I had to purchase a new maintenance and repair plan, but I also wanted insurance for my HVAC system. We no longer had a warranty, and I knew how expensive HVAC repairs could be. All the maintenance plan did was get me service on my furnace and air conditioning unit, every year. If there minor repairs, they would be done for free. If anything broke after that, I had to pay for the parts, but I got free maintenance, as long as I waited my turn and didn’t ask for emergency repairs. I wanted to have an insurance policy that covers all contingencies not covered by my maintenance plan. After calling my insurance company, I felt like I was looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack. They had health and life insurance for pets. You could insure your house and car, but there was nothing for an HVAC system. I wanted to add the HVAC system to my home insurance, but that only covered it if it was damaged by fire, storm, or other natural disaster. I asked if my HVAC system would be covered if a tree dropped on it. I thought if something happened to the HVAC system where it couldn’t be repaired, I could always cut a tree down and have it drop on the house or the air conditioner. My insurance company knew I wouldn’t do something like that if I was asking, but there still wasn’t anything they could do.

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