Author: Liz

Doing things to counteract weak HVAC airflow

In the event that it is a heating plus air conditioner emergency plus the air ducts deep clean needs to be done instantly they will do it right on the spot however charge you quite a bit for emergency heat plus a/c condo services even though they are already there Having weak air flow in […]

When the air flow is weak

Having weak air flow in your central heating and air conditioning system is not a good thing at all. When you have this issue the first thing you should do is call your local heating and air conditioning company to have a look and see what the issue is. Most of the time it is […]

I’m a huge fan of these washable HVAC filters

I had been hearing all about washable air filters for the longest time as well as had never tried them before until recently! I have to tell you that since I have tried washable air filters I am never going back to regular air filters again! Washable air filters are simply much easier to deal […]