How did they do it?

How did people survive in the old days, before heating and cooling systems? How did they do it? With extreme weather in some parts of the world, there had to be some way people were able to keep warm or cold when needed.

  • If there wasn’t, wouldn’t people have died at a young age? This mystery interests me.

It is difficult to find any information on the Internet about it. I truly do not know where to even research how people survived for much of history around the world, without heating and air conditioning. I know the first form of heating was a hot water boiler. Beyond that, I know nothing! How did they cool the air? Fans couldn’t be the answer, because if it is really hot, fans only blow the heat all over, making it worse! I am glad that in my lifetime we have always had modern heating, and air conditioning. It is what I always rely on when the weather is awful – too hot or too cold. Temperature extremes are a bigger part of today’s world than many people know. If you think about it, you will see exactly what I am talking about! It genuinely is one of the main mysteries of the world.

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Trying again

If you fail, try and try again, the saying goes.

I know this to be true.

This saying came in handy when I first went to school to become a certified heating and cooling systems specialist. My first go-round, I failed the final exam and did not earn my certification! Rather than give up and go to work in some store or call center, making minimum wage the rest of my life, I decided to spend more money and take another shot. Well, the next time was a charm! I passed the final exam and now I am one of the top heating and cooling specialists in this area! I work as an independent heat and cooling system specialist, with my own little HVAC dealership. Had I given up, none of this would have happened. Instead, I’d be a bum on the street. It was worth every penny to pay again to take the course. It just turned out that because they move so fast in the training school, I just wasn’t able to keep up. I needed more time to learn everything. So, take this as a lesson to never give up on whatever you are trying to achieve. Even if you fail a few times, the next time you’ll succeed!


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Vent the room

When you are painting inside your home, vent the site as you paint, and keep it ventilated after you paint.

Never paint with closed windows.

It could be deadly. Have both a portable air conditioner and air purifier. If run at the same time, with a few windows open, they will help clear the air of all the paint fumes. It can make the difference between having to leave your home for 24 hours or not; you won’t have to leave at all if you spread it out and do one room at a time. With a portable air conditioner and air purifier you can clear the poor air quality created by the paint fumes in one hour. Without these, and just using the windows, it would take many more hours and you would most likely have to leave the home for the day – maybe even two days. This is frustrating. But what isn’t frustrating – with this equipment, you can speed things up and have that poor air quality removed much faster! I tried it out and it worked perfectly the last time I did some indoor painting in our home.

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Waiting in line

The last time I purchased air filters for our central heating and cooling system, it was a real pain in the rear! The line at checkout was atrociously long. I go to a local hardware store, and for some reason, on this day, everyone was there buying building supplies. All I wanted was some cheap, easy air filters for our HVAC system! I was not some construction worker buying hundreds of dollars of tools and other things like everyone else, I just wanted to get air filters and get out of there! Well, after that experience, I decided to do some searching on the Internet to see if I could just buy air filters for our HVAC online moving forward,. Lucky for me I found the right website! Also, the air filters were much cheaper than they were in the hardware store, for the same brand. I could also buy in bulk and save even more money and time. From now on, I am doing this. I do not want to ever again deal with the hassle of having to rest in a long line just to buy air filters for this HVAC system! I see why many people shop online these days, and don’t go to stores much anymore. It is a real hassle, and it can mess up your day if you are on a slim schedule as I was!



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The loose thermostat

I had the most discouraging issue with my smart thermostat recently.

It kept falling off the wall! Everytime I walked past it, the smart thermostat was on the floor instead of mounted, as it should have been, to the wall in the hallway.

I finally figured out why the smart thermostat was loose – I had never screwed it in! What I am talking about is the metal holders it hooks on and mounts to. I got my screwdrivers, and screwed the holders into the site as they should have been all along. Perhaps I should have called the local heating and cooling supplier to install the smart thermostat into the central heating and cooling unit! However, I saved a few bucks by doing it myself; I just didn’t get it completely right. Now, the smart thermostat rests perfectly on the wall and is no longer falling onto the ground every time I walk down the hallway. My smart thermostat had been working well, saving me a lot of money on energy use, and made my life a lot easier when it came to running our central heating and cooling system.

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Learning about HVAC systems

Right after high school I decided that I wanted to go into the heating and cooling business as a certified HVAC specialist.

It was not something I had any experience with, although for years I had watched my grandfather at work as an HVAC professional.

So, I hunted around to find the right school to go to, in order to train and become certified as an HVAC specialist. In school I learned everything about heating and cooling, enough to pass the final exam and get my certification. I got a job with a local HVAC company, and my first day on the job went smoothly. I was a natural, and it all came together as if I was working on HVAC systems for years! I still needed to learn more about it. But I guess enough to be able to work in the field, repairing and installing brand new and up-to-date central heating and air conditioning systems. I am glad I did what I did, and that I chose this work for myself. Deep down, it’s what I wanted most of my life. Now that it is finally here I appreciate the aspects of all of it. I will do well as a certified heating and cooling specialist.
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Finding the right HVAC plan

Well, I was wrong! At least with these HEPA brand washable air filters.

My local heating and cooling supplier had been promoting their service plan a lot. At first, I wasn’t interested. However, after hearing what it was all about, I decided to sign up and pay for a year of the plan. Heating and cooling service plans are not easy to come by, in terms of ones that are worth the money and that cover everything. My local HVAC supplier has one of the few out there that covers everything needed, which is why I signed up. I got it at the right time, too, because they are no longer offering this plan. They are all sold out. Had I waited, I would have missed out on such a great deal. I will most likely renew it next year, because it is nice to be covered. Also, having no additional cost for heating and cooling system tune-ups and check-ups included is a nice bonus too. I wouldn’t want to lose that. The deal was better than I expected. For the first time ever, I finally took the plunge and decided to try out some washable air filters for our central heating and air conditioning system. The washable air filters were HEPA; I bought them because I was going to try washable air filters. I wanted them to be the absolute best possible. I am so glad I did! These washable air filters worked! I had doubts about the whole concept of washable air filters to begin with, which is why for so long I never decided to take a chance and try them. I figured it was some kind of lame hype and when you tried to clean them they would fall apart right on the spot or not entirely get the job done. Well, I was wrong! At least with these HEPA brand washable air filters. Because of having these HEPA washable air filters, I didn’t have to update them for many weeks! That is how long you can keep washing them until they are all used up. This is just talking about the HEPA brand washable air filters that I experienced. I have since been buying nothing but HEPA washable air filters for our central heating and cooling unit! I will never go back to other air filters after seeing how great these washable HEPA filters are. I don’t know about others, but these HEPA air filters are the best, and nothing can compete with them!


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A wonderful evening

My spouse and I went to a great jazz concert the other weekend. The songs were great, the site was good, and most of all, the air conditioning was terrific! Having perfect indoor comfort while going to a concert is important And with it as warm as it has been outside, having great air conditioning inside the site was entirely a godsend – not only for us coming to watch the concert, but for the jazz band as well. How hard is it to play with poor air conditioning when it’d hot out? I guess some sites without air conditioning will cancel the shows until they can substitute their commercial heating and cooling units, if they don’t have the right air flow and power going on in there. That is how pressing heating and cooling is at a high-class concert site, for things like jazz concerts and even classical concerts. It is not like some wild outdoor rock concert, where everyone is on drugs and doesn’t care if it’s hot or cold. It is a whole different game. I am just so glad the folks I was with and found a site with everything under control, when it came to the cooling system. I have been in places that have had horrible air conditioning; it was no fun being there!
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The family visit and discovery

Last Christmas, I visited my family back east.

I have not been there in several years.

It was great to see everyone once again; When I went to visit my brother, I was shocked and impressed by something he had in his home. It must have cost a small fortune; she had a smart heating and air conditioning system! This smart heating and air conditioning plan was nothing short of amazing. He has smart air vents, which adjust themselves to make the air flow and uneven temperatures easily. I had never seen anything like this before. I didn’t even know it existed! These new smart heating and cooling systems are expensive, so I will never be able to think about owning one. But my brother is well off, so he could afford it. Also, with the smart heating and air plan comes the smart thermostat. I knew about those already, but to have a smart thermostat working with a smart heating and air plan is something to experience! The thermostat reacts well with the smart heating and cooling unit our sister has. It was a real experience of the most perfect indoor comfort while I was there. I will never forget it. This year I will not be going back to visit, as I will be spending the holidays with my in-laws, and my kids, where we live now.


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How did they do it?

How did people used to survive, in the old days, before air conditioning? I’ve wondered about this.

  • With extreme weather in certain parts of the world, there had to be some way people were able to keep cool or hot.

If there wasn’t, how did people not die off at a young age? The mystery of no heating and air conditioning in those days entirely interests me. It is hard to find any information on the internet about it. I don’t know where to even look on how people survived in the old days without heating and air cooling. I guess the first form of heating was a water boiler. But beyond that, I have nothing. How did they cool air? Fans were not the answer because a fan will do nothing but blow the heat all over the site, making it worse. I am happy that in my lifetime the people I was with and I have typically had heating and air conditioning. It is what I typically rely on when the weather is poor, with too much heat or too much cold – uneven temperatures. Heating and air conditioning is a bigger part of this week’s world than many people even know. If you think about it, you will see exactly what I am talking about! It is one of the main mysteries of the world, that is for sure.


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