New air conditioner at the office

My company recently purchased a new HVAC system for the entire office building. We were having some issues with our previous HVAC system. Most of the time, the air conditioner did not work correctly in the office. A lot of our clients complained and left due to the uncomfortable temperature in our building. The building is very old and we knew that the AC would need to be replaced sooner than later. In the middle of the summer, the air conditioner stopped turning on. The office became hot quickly and I knew we had to act fast. As the office manager, I took it into my own hands to contact a local HVAC company to come out and rectify this as quickly as possible. When the HVAC technician arrived, he explained that the problem was beyond repair and he suggested that we have the entire system replaced. I was not looking forward to this phone call with my boss. She does not work in the same building as I do, but she is aware of the problems we have with the HVAC system in this building. For most people, it would be common sense to send the staff home until the problem was fixed, but she insisted that everyone stay in the office and wait for the air conditioner to be repaired. I knew this would take a long time to repair and it was getting hotter and hotter everyday. She did not seem to care that we would be sitting in the heat and working with angry clients. The HVAC company did the replacement quickly.

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Smart thermostat and traveling

I do a lot of traveling with my friend and family.

We are always going somewhere.

Sometimes we go away for a weekend and other times we are gone for a week at a time. Last year for Christmas, my sister got us the perfect gift for a traveler. Our new smart thermostat has saved us from so many stressful situations as well as a lot of money. We are always forgetting to do something before we leave town. One time, we left the light on the aquarium for a month. The fish were so confused! Another time, we left the oven on and lucky for us, our neighbors had a spare key. With a smart thermostat, there is no need to worry about what temperature you leave the air conditioner or heater on. We can check the thermostat from thousands of miles away. Once, we turned the a/c off all the way from the other side of the world. The smart thermostat has saved us so much time and money. There is no need to miss flights over having to turn around to check the thermostat, and we are able to safely and confidently control the temperature of our home from wherever we are in the world. I think this is the best gift idea for forgetful people. We got my parents one for their house and they love it. They use it to cool and heat the house from the other room. They love their smart thermostat!


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Parking lot full of trucks

This week, there has been a lot going on in the parking lot of my office. The property manager is replacing a few air conditioning units in the building and has had several maintenance trucks taking up a lot of space in our parking lot. Many of our patients have complained about the air conditioning repair trucks. I was aware that this construction would be taking place throughout the week, but I did not know that our patients would not have a place to park. When more of our patients started to complain, I decided it was time to contact Randy. Randy is the person who handles all of the maintenance in my office building. He comes in once a week to chat and make sure our thermostat is in working order. Randy and I often talk about the weather and how the other offices seem to always have issues. There was one instance where Randy had to call an HVAC technician to come out to my office and replace the filters in the offices. Other than that, we have not had any problems. When I explained to Randy that people were complaining about the air conditioning repair trucks in the parking lot, he solved the issue promptly. Randy was able to move all of the A/C repair trucks to the back parking lot so that the patients were able to park out front for their appointments. The air conditioning company worked quickly to get the unit replaced in the neighboring office and Randy did a wonderful job facilitating the repairs.

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Traveling with a Smart Thermostat

One of my favorite inventions of this time is the smart thermostat.

Not only am I able to control my thermostat from many miles away, but I can also adjust the thermostat from the comfort of my own bedroom.

I have a hard time getting out of bed during the winter months. There is something about the warm bed that keeps me sucked in until the very last minute. The biggest problem is that I am not able to sleep in a warm room. I would never turn the heater on at night, no matter how cold it gets. I love to nest and will bring 5 extra layers in the bed before I turn the heater on while sleeping. My favorite thing to do is to set the timer so that my thermostat is at 78 degrees an hour before I wake up. There is something about getting out of bed when the room is already warmed up that motivates me more. There is nothing worse that being cold. I think that the smart thermostat is great people who travel frequently, but also great for those who love to be comfortable and enjoy technology. It is a very nice way to get acquainted with the winter months, especially for those living in a warm climate. Anyone can use a smart thermostat for a plethora of reasons, and they are easy to install. A smart thermostat makes for a great gift for any holiday, as well.
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New a/c at the office

My supplier recently obtained a new Heating plus A/C system for the entire office building.

My friend and I were having some problems with our previous Heating plus A/C system.

Most of the time, the a/c did not work properly in the office, a lot of our customers complained as well as left due to the uncomfortable temperature in our building. The building is absolutely seasoned as well as my associate and I knew that the AC would need to be updated sooner than later. In the middle of the summer, the a/c stopped turning on. The office became tepid hastily as well as I knew my associate and I had to act fast. As the office director, I took it into my own hands to contact a local Heating plus A/C supplier to come out as well as rectify this as hastily as possible. When the Heating plus A/C serviceman arrived, he explained that the problem was beyond maintenance as well as he advised that my associate and I have the entire system updated. I was not looking forward to this cellphone call with my boss. She does not work in the same building as I do, but she is aware of the complications my associate and I have with the Heating plus A/C system in this building, for all the people, it would be official sense to send the staff household until the problem was fixed, but she insisted that all the people stay in the office as well as wait for the a/c to be repaired. I knew this would take a long time to maintenance as well as it was getting hotter as well as hotter everyday. She did not seem to care that my associate and I would be laying in the heat as well as working with miserable customers. The Heating plus A/C supplier did the updatement hastily.


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I Found Him Replacing the Air Filter At Night

I let him replace the air filter because it seemed really important to him

My husband deals with stress in a lot of odd ways. Sometimes, he gets really quiet and doesn’t say much for a few days. Other times, he tinkers with an old car in the garage that he swears will be up and running one day. Now that we’ve been married for 15 years, it’s easy for me to pick up on his stress and the habits that follow. This past month has been busy for him at work and he’s been missing a lot of time at home with our kids. I know he wishes he could be there for everything and so do the kids, but sometimes work has to come first. Last night though, I found him doing something really odd. I was fast asleep and I woke up to a bang and some rustling. My first instinct was to tell my husband, but he wasn’t in bed. I went downstairs and found him coming in from the garage with a pack of air filters. When I asked him what he was doing, he told me that he was taking the old air filter out and replacing it with a new one. I asked him why he was doing it in the middle of the night and he responded by telling me he woke up in a panic because he forgot to change the air filter and he was afraid our HVAC system would stop running efficiently. I let him replace the air filter because it seemed really important to him. Once he was done, I insisted that he come to bed and assured him that our HVAC system would run perfectly fine now that there was a clean air filter.

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My AC Wasn’t Working In The Middle Of The Night

In my world, there’s nothing worse than sleeping without air conditioning.

I have to sleep with the cool air running or I won’t sleep as well.

If I’m visiting someone or not able to control the thermostat settings, then I always sleep with an overhead fan running or I bring my own portable fan. The other night, my worst nightmare came true. I turned the thermostat to my preferred 66 degrees and then I snuggled into bed for the night. I wasn’t asleep long before I realized how warm it was in my room. I turned the overhead fan on, but it felt like it was pushing warm air down on me. I went back to my thermostat and I saw that even though I’d set the thermostat to 66 degrees, the thermostat said it felt like 71 degrees inside. No matter what I set the temperature to, my air conditioner couldn’t cool. I panicked and called my HVAC company late at night. He wasn’t able to get to my house in the middle of the night, no matter how much money I offered him. However, he promised to be at my house bright and early. According to him, I would be his first stop of the day. True to his word, the HVAC contractor was at my door at 8am, ready to fix my air conditioner. When he was done, he told me that the air filter needed replaced and I needed more coolant. I’m glad it wasn’t anything more serious and I was able to sleep in the cool temperatures again the following night.


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My New Smart Thermostat Is The Best

There are certain things I never thought I’d get excited for.

For example, I was thrilled about the new dishwasher that was installed last month.

My old dishwasher never cleaned properly, forcing me to wash all of my dishes by hand. I also got excited for the new smart thermostat I had installed by an HVAC technician last week. My old thermostat was really traditional, only allowing me to switch between the furnace and air conditioner and the temperature. It was really difficult for me to see how efficiently I was running my HVAC system. The only thing to guide me was the monthly utility bill and by that point, it was too late. My new smart thermostat has so many unique features. Not only is it sleek and minimal, but also connects to my cell phone. I’m able to access my thermostat from anywhere at any time. When I leave work, if I want my house to be warmer by the time I get home, I can adjust the settings in my car on my phone. There’s also a setting on my phone that allows me to see how efficient my HVAC system is running. If there’s any concerns, the smart thermostat will alert me right away. The other thing that I really love is the weather feature. My smart thermostat tells me what the weather is like outside. My old thermostat could never do any of these things for me. The new smart thermostat was worth every penny.

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I’m Glad I Got The Warranty For My New HVAC System

Two years ago, I was told that it was time to replace my HVAC system. It was over 10 years old and it wasn’t running efficiently anymore. I was paying a fortune in repairs every month. For several weeks, I contemplated getting the warranty for my new HVAC system. I’d never experienced any severe issues with my HVAC systems within a two year period in the past, so I wasn’t sure I’d even need the warranty. I didn’t like paying for things that I wouldn’t use, even if it was just a precautionary thing. I especially didn’t have much money to pay for a warranty at the time either. For some reason, I agreed to pay the extra money and get the warranty for my new HVAC system. I think the universe was looking out for me that day, because not even 1 year later, my HVAC system was giving me a lot of problems. I contacted an HVAC professional several times to service my HVAC system. Nobody knew what was causing all the issues, but it seemed like I purchased a faulty HVAC system. When the HVAC professional told me that my HVAC system was better off being replaced rather than repairing it, I knew I’d made the right decision. I’m so thankful that I purchased that warranty, because I wouldn’t have been able to afford a new HVAC system again. The first HVAC system took a hit on my savings account, there’s no way I would’ve been able to afford another one.


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The air filter needed to be changed

I have a high end portable air purifier that I bought.

The air filter is now needing to be changed after about 4 months.

I know exactly what kind of air filter to get, but when I looked it up and went to buy it online I found that it was almost 30 bucks! What? 30 bucks for an air filter for a portable whole home air purifier? That is highway robbery if you ask me! However, taking into consideration that it is a HEPA brand air filter, that may be the reason why. And HEPA air filters are of the utmost high quality when it comes to air filters for portable whole-loft air purifiers, central heating and a/c units and even vacuum cleaners! So I know I will just go ahead and pay the high price for the HEPA brand air filter for the portable whole home air purifier. It is the only air filter that will fit into it and update the old one. So I am kinda stuck with having no choice. I mean the high end portable whole home air purifier that I bought is very high end and works easily great, and most of that is because of the HEPA brand air filter that comes in the portable whole home air purifier. And if I have to dump this money down every 5 months or so, it doesn’t bother me I guess. It will be worth it to keep the indoor air quality going good in my home office while I am trying to sleep.

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