Author: Liz

We now have a control unit right inside our office

If the pandemic taught us anything it’s that we can survive and work from home inside the central air conditioning of the lake house. Actually, it’s great as that’s where we are working now. Each morning, we rise well before dawn to start our day here inside the lake house. We can get an early […]

He delights in having his own heating and cooling

Waking up in his new bedroom is almost like being on a trip. My brother has a coffee pot right in his new space that he sets every night. So, he always wakes up to the smell of freshly brewed java and sunshine streaming through the new window of his room. Without getting out of […]

He would describe that as a portable space heater at all

Mark was talking the other afternoon about the old portable space heaters and the new and modern portable space heaters. And he must say that the old portable space heaters were huge. They were not so portable the way he remembered them. Mark has this memory of having one in the family shower room growing […]

I love the electric fireplace I just paid for

I just bought my first electric fireplace and I have to tell you that these things are the best. It’s true it cost me a good investment, however it was well worth it. Frankly, electric fireplaces are like super sizable space heating systems and can warm your home within minutes. And if you were to […]

Heated flooring is the best

Josh always states that he is super impressed with today’s central heating and AC units. They are better quality than the central heating and AC units of even 13 years ago. Heating and AC technology has come so far and has brought so much to the table. Heated flooring and heating and AC zone control […]