Why seventy-five is the perfect temperature for coffee shops

I just started working at a coffee shop and I am really enjoying the environment so far.

The people that come in are super friendly and relaxed, and my co-workers are all really helpful and knowledgeable.

Even though it’s a new environment for me, I feel quite comfortable there. One reason for my comfort is that the air conditioning is always perfect. I am anemic and have always been sensitive to air conditioning, so being in a place with optimal temperature is always rare for me. I really believe that seventy-five degrees is the perfect temperature for a coffee shop, and that’s what we keep the thermostat at. Fluctuating the thermostat too often can be challenging for the HVAC to keep up with, especially because the front door opens and closes so often throughout the day. For this reason, I believe that keeping the thermostat at seventy-five usually maintains the balance between cool air and humidity with the outdoor temperature constantly flooding in. Depending on the weather outside, the thermostat will show some fluctuations throughout the day that can’t always be helped. Good thing the shop owner has a SMART thermostat so we can monitor it and make adjustments even if he isn’t there. I know that the thermostat is just one small part of the experience that makes it a comfortable work environment though. I think I just enjoy being around real and authentic people. My last work environment had a lot of toxic positivity and people who had no interest in others but themselves. It’s good to be a part of a community that loves to give back.


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The heater started smoking while I led a meditation

I was teaching a meditation class last week when the craziest thing happened.

It is currently cold outside so we had a space heater running inside of the studio to keep us comfortable.

We had been sitting in meditation with our eyes closed for about fifteen minutes and I could hear the space heater running. The next thing I know, I begin to smell smoke and quickly peak my eyes open. I saw the space heater from across the room beaming with smoke and sparks coming from the electrical outlet. Careful not to cause a panic in the class, I stood up and excused myself from the meditation to tend to the space heater. I didn’t know if I should ask the class to leave the studio while I ensured the heater was not a danger or threat, so I quickly assessed the situation to determine. I turned off the space heater and grabbed a thick towel to help me unplug the heater from the outlet as safely and quickly as possible. I opened up the window so the smoke could begin to leave the room and used a fan to cool off the space heater. By this point, people in the class were standing and approaching me to help tend to the situation. Because everyone was feeling calm and peaceful from the meditation, we were all collectively coming up with solutions without freaking out or panicking. It was a bit scary to deal with at the moment, but it really showed me how powerful meditation can be on the amygdala.
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Having a heater on during meditation can be uncomfortable

I love practicing meditation! It really helps me to reduce anxiety, manage stress, and learn more about myself in deep and beautiful ways.

I love the practice so much that I decided to receive a certification to be a meditation teacher.

I’ve been learning about different methods to make meditation classes more comfortable, such as having the air conditioning and heating settings at an appropriate temperature. I’ve been to meditation classes where the air conditioner was seemingly made to help me freeze to death. I’ve also sat in classes where the heater felt like it was going to melt off my skin before I reached any point of bliss and peace. I think showing up to class at least fifteen minutes early to determine what air conditioner and heating settings would feel good for the day is key to ensure comfortability. If it is cold, I would be mindful of how strongly the heater is running because a heater can be more uncomfortable than an air conditioner that is too cold. Feeling sweat drip off your body while you are trying to practice stillness can be distracting, so you can even run a fan while you have the heater on to keep it balanced. Little things like this can help create an optimal environment for concentration and mindfulness. Both are needed to help students experience peace and be an internal witness to their thoughts and behaviors. I really enjoy the ability to help people work towards this bliss and overcome the challenges that the ego presents. I can’t wait to dive deeper into this work.

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Choosing an air conditioner for a yoga studio

I own a yoga studio and have been in this business for several years.

New studio owners tend to reach out to me with business questions because I love to offer help in this industry! I’m even thinking about creating a yoga studio owner guide to sell on my website.

I recently helped a new studio owner with the decision of the new air conditioner for their space. The rental space they have came with window air conditioners. This simply isn’t a great option for a yoga studio because window air conditioners can’t reduce humidity, and they are quite loud. They also aren’t great because they can’t circulate air too well. I’ve found central air conditioning to be a great option for yoga studios so that the air conditioning can be felt in the entire studio no matter where you are. I also like the fact that central air conditioning has air filtration and dehumidifying elements. Depending on the setup of the studio, it may even be a good idea to install a ductless mini split to provide additional air conditioning in private rooms or spaces that don’t receive air from the vents as well. Ductless mini splits are usually more aesthetically pleasing and much quieter than window air conditioners. The studio owner that I helped ended up just needing the central air conditioner for their space. I can’t wait to see how it works once it’s all set up! I love to see how studios come together one the creativity begins to grow. It’s really beautiful to create a sacred space for yoga, meditation, and self care.


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Having a ductless mini split in your yoga studio is helpful

I started teaching meditation classes at a local yoga studio in my neighborhood.

I recently became a certified meditation teacher, so I’m honored to be able to share this craft and build on my own experience and expertise.

I taught a class the other night and realized that I should always make sure the air conditioning is comfortable before the class starts. The studio owner gave me a run down of the air conditioner before it started. He told me that they have a central air conditioner for the entire studio that runs all of the time. However, they recently installed a ductless mini split inside of the main studio because the air doesn’t circulate as well when the doors to it are closed. I chose to keep the mini duct split turned off for the class because I was afraid that it would be noisy and distracting for the meditation. However, I could tell that it was heating up pretty quickly when the class began. Next time I will turn on the mini split and see if that helps the air conditioning in the room so that we don’t sweat while sitting there. I didn’t think the air conditioning would make that big of a difference, but it sure did! I’m really excited to keep teaching classes and see how it builds overtime. Most people don’t see meditation being beneficial without doing the movement of yoga, but I think it makes a huge difference. Sitting in meditation provides you with a lot of insight that moving in asana may not quite provide.

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Having heat in the car can make your face get dry

I work for a company that allows me to travel a lot, but it’s not always rainbows and sunshine to have this level of flexibility.

I spend a lot of time in my car and have had to increase my self care practices to combat the pain I experience.

I never thought I would have a monthly budget for yoga and massages! Another small thing that I had to adjust to was having to sit in front of my heater a lot during the colder traveling months. Sitting with the air conditioning blowing on my face doesn’t bother me or my face much, but I noticed that after just a couple of days of constantly running my car heater, my face was dry and screaming for moisture. I started to research ways to prevent skin dryness from using a heater often, and a blog mentioned the best thing to do is to point the car’s air vents away from your face and body. I had a hard time with this at first because it takes a while for my car heater to warm up so I would have to sit for a few minutes to feel warm before I started driving. This helped a lot but I still felt like my skin was struggling with dryness, so I started to even adjust my heater usage at home so that my skin was not always exposed to it. Using my heater less often was challenging overall, but I noticed that I was overusing it because it wasn’t as cold in my house as I thought it was.


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Our car heater broke on the way to our grandparents

We plan a trip to visit my grandparents every single winter.

My sister and I love going to see our grandparents because they have the biggest yard that turns into a winter wonderland.

We love making snowmen and having snowball fights! We have to drive pretty far to get to their house, and that can be a doozy. On our way up to their home this year, our car heater stopped working about midway through the trip. Having a broken car heater doesn’t make for a very fun road trip when it’s snowing outside. My parents decided to stop and find a technician that would service the car in this weather. It took us a while but we finally found a technician that said he would take a look at our heater. The mechanic kind of scolded my dad for not getting the heater serviced with a tune up before we got on the road because there was a part that ended up burning out. If he had gotten the heater and air conditioner checked out, they would have serviced the part, but now it has to be replaced. It took about an hour and a half for the heater to be fixed and ready to go, so we walked over to the diner next door for a bite to eat. I was so happy to walk in and immediately feel the heater on my face. After we enjoyed a good meal and hot chocolate, we got back into the car and continued the rest of the trip to my grandparent’s house.

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Creatures can sometimes crawl through your A/C vent

I think as a homeowner we are constantly learning new things.

I feel like this is even more so the case if the home has a lot of differences in comparison to your childhood home.

For example, the home that I grew up in had these really horrible window air conditioning units. It was a literal breath of fresh air to start living somewhere that had central air conditioning instead. Since I didn’t have them where I grew up, I wasn’t very familiar with air ducts and how to clean them. I asked my air conditioning technician to provide me with some foundational information when he came for an A/C repair one day. He told me that air ducts don’t need to be cleaned super often, with most people scheduling cleanings every three or so years. One reason that cleaning air ducts is important is because small creatures and critters like flies, roaches, and sometimes lizards can get stuck and die inside of the air ducts. I was pretty repulsed by this information because I could only think about how dead critters may impact the air quality. Thank goodness we had to get our air ducts cleaned shortly after that visit because I couldn’t stop thinking about it until I knew it was clean. I really enjoy getting to learn about my home, its unique qualities, and how I can preserve them over time. Sometimes it can be frustrating and even defeating to deal with some of the homeowner challenges, but with every challenge or bump I know that I am learning and growing from it.

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A new beginning for me

That would make me an independent heating and air conditioning contractor if I went that route

I am so proud of myself. I just graduated heating and air conditioning school and I now have my certification to become a heat and a/c specialist. This is the beginning of a new life for me. Or I should say the beginning of my adult life. I just got out of high school last year and went right into taking the heating and air conditioning course so I could get on with my life, find work and begin a career as a heating and air conditioning specialist. I have been putting in a lot of applications to different heating and cooling companies all around the area who welcome new and fresh heat and a/c experts into the business. I have a few call backs that set up interviews for next week. I will decide on which heating and air conditioning company i will work for based on the cash offer that I get. Whichever is the best is what I will take. Eventually I may want to go and start my very own heating and cooling business. That would make me an independent heating and air conditioning contractor if I went that route. However, that is long down the line as I need to get experience in the heating and cooling field working before I would feel confident enough to do that. I can not wait to get started in my career as a certified heating and air conditioning specialist at one of these local heating and cooling companies here in the town in which I live.

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The country club

There was this country club I used to go to when I was younger to play golf.

  • I really loved a lot of things about this place.

The main thing I loved about it was the central heating and air conditioning that they had in the club house of the country club. After a nice long game of golf I could go in there and relax in either the nice cool air conditioning or the nice warm heating. All depending on what time of the year that it was. At this time having quality central air conditioning in places were rare because central heat and a/c was so new on the HVAC market. And the fact the country club had central heating and air conditioning was really great. I especially loved the summer time months of the year. Because it would get pretty hot sometimes. I would go to the country club a lot this time of year just to hang out in the club house to take in the wonderful air conditioning and not even play a game of golf! At my home at the time there was no central air conditioning system. Only a window air conditioning unit. And the cooling from that window air conditioning unit that I had was nothing like the central air conditioning that the country club had. They had a commercial heating and air conditioning system which was even more powerful than the standard residential heating and air conditioning systems that were very pricey at that time. Heating and air conditioning is why I went to this country club for many years.

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